Andrew is an excellent physiotherapist. He is personable, professional and extremely proficient. When symptoms are presented, he works hard to identify the source of the problem, then applies treatment and recommends follow-up exercises and stretches that are effective. Andrew is also very knowledgeable and well-read – he keeps up to date on the research in his field, and will go out of his way to find information that is helpful for a specific situation. He’s been invaluable in my general wellbeing, and was essential to my recovery from breast cancer and mastectomy. I wish Andrew all the best in his new practice and know he will be successful – and that you will love him!

Tracey S

Andrew genuinely changed my life. I didn’t have any “injuries” but I worked a desk job and was having back and shoulder pain. Andrew knew exactly what needed to be done. He encouraged me to start working out to help my pain. I never would have taken that step without his advice/guidance. Now I’m healthier than ever and no more pain!! Andrew is extremely personable and fun yet very professional. You’ll feel comfortable with him and know you’re in great hands! He is not a pushy practitioner either; he won’t treat you more than you need but is there if you need a tune up! 10/10 recommend Andrew at Attain Health.


I turned to Andrew for physiotherapy after feeling discouraged from trying many healthcare providers and at home remedies in an effort to reduce the pain and dysfunction in my shoulder and right arm. Andrew took the time to understand the source of the dysfunction, educate me on possible causes, and ensured I understood and consented to all parts of the treatment, including manual therapy and acupuncture.

Andrew’s hands-on approach was different than most physiotherapists I have been to—and it was the right fit for me. After a few months of treatment, I was able to return to every day activities like carrying groceries and working out without any pain and with increased mobility. While everyone’s wellness journey is different, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Andrew as a compassionate and knowledgeable physiotherapist.

Shayne S

Andrew takes the time to listen to what your concerns are no matter how big or how small. He is always re-evaluating your concern/injury through all his treatments to make sure the problem is tackled with the right approach. He also takes the time to explain what he’s doing while he treats you hands on, to give you a better understanding of your injury. He is extremely knowledgeable, and if you do ever catch him outside his realm, you can bet he’s done his research and has an answer by the next time you see him. I had given up hope on ever getting better until I started seeing Andrew!

Alex P

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