Do you have tight hips? How to stretch your hip flexors

Feb 10, 2022

Do you sit more than four hours a day? Do you have tight hips?

Do you want to stretch your hips?

Look no further, here is a quick video for how to perform the couch stretch. It is a way to stretch your hip flexors. If you want to see a variation on this stretch, let me know and I’ll make it happen.

Here is some extra information about your hip.

The front of our hip is made up of a few different muscles, however, the hip flexors – iliacus and iliopsoas (sometimes called the psoas) and the top of your quadriceps (rectus femoris) are the major muscles that the couch stretch is meant for. I have put yellow boxes around the names of the muscles and highlighted the areas where the muscles come from.

In good health,
Andrew Englander

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