Attain Health – Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, and Massage Therapy Clinic

Whether your goal is recovering from an injury or becoming pain-free, together, we can achieve it.

Conditions our Practitioners Treat

Our physiotherapy clinic in Tillsonburg features practitioners in a variety of fields to help you with your pain and mobility issues.
Enjoy the pain relief by working with our on-staff physiotherapists, chiropractor, osteopath and massage therapist.



Soft tissue work can reduce the intensity and frequency of headaches.


Low Back Pain

Stretching and strengthening can improve flexibility and strength.


Neck Pain

Mobilizations can reduce pain and stiffness.


Improving the health and wellness of the community.

High quality physiotherapy, massage therapy, osteopathy, chiropractic care and rehabilitation located in Tillsonburg.

We excel at reducing pain and providing relief from stiffness and soreness.

Our physiotherapists, chiropractor and massage therapists have years of experience treating hip, knee, shoulder, neck, low back, chronic pain, joint replacements and many other injuries.

Patient Reviews

We Welcome New Patients

We have experience treating Motor vehicle accident injuries, workplace injuries and any other injury that is causing you pain or slowing you down.

Every day is an opportunity to improve how you move and feel. If you are in pain, hurting or just want to feel better in day-to-day life let us know. We want to help you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Attain Health Offer Direct Billing?

Yes! We are able to direct bill many insurance companies. Direct billing lets your insurance company pay directly to the clinic, which saves you from being out of pocket.

I’ve been in a Motor Vehicle Accident, Are you Able to Help Me?

We are able to communicate with your insurance company through a portal called HCAI, and provide treatment to get you back to feeling your best.

Do I Need a Prescription to Come in for Care?

You do not need a prescription to come to the clinic. Anyone can book an appointment. Some insurance companies require a prescription to access physiotherapy or massage therapy benefits.

What Should I Wear to my First Appointment?

We recommend you wear or bring comfortable clothing to change into for your initial assessment and subsequent treatment (shorts for ankle or knee assessments – a tank top for neck or shoulder assessments).

Is there Parking Near the Clinic?

There is plenty of parking around the clinic, including a parking lot behind the clinic and street parking in front of the clinic. We recommend that you come approximately 10 minutes before your first visit.

Where are you Located?
You can find our clinic at 27 Ridout Street West, Tillsonburg, which is just west off of Broadway. There are typically parking spaces available right on the street, and we do have a wheelchair accessible ramp.

Contact Us

Contact us if you have any questions related to becoming a new patient, booking an appointment, or if you need clarification on any aspect of our practice.